Window Screen Replacement

If you have a badly damaged window screen and you want to save yourself some money, then you can replace it yourself. It really isn’t rocket science where you have to sit down and draft a plan. All you need are some handy tools and steady hands. You will need to have screen rollers, tape measure, a new rubber edging, razor knives and a new screen. The following are some of the steps that you can use for window screen replacement: The first step is to remove the screen from the window frame. Place it on a surface that is large enough to support it. Next, remove the rubber edging from the old screen. This will help you to separate the frame from the screen.Remove the old screen and take measurements of the new screening. Make sure that you take measurements up to the edge of the frame and leave an allowance all around. Next, put the screening on the frame. Cut a new rubber edging after you have measured how much you will need. Ensure that it fits all the way round the edges of the screen. To replace the rubber edging back into the groove, use the screen rolling tool. Ensure that you sandwich the screen into the frame. Using a razor knife, cut off the excess material and put the window screen back on the window.

Different types of window screening


The fiberglass window screening comes in three types: heavy duty, standard and fine. If you wish to keep out small insects then you should go for the fine screen. It can keep out sand flies and gnats. The least expensive fiber glass is the standard one. It is used in new houses and is durable if used well. The heavy duty is used where the screening needs to be strong and durable. The fiberglass screening prices range between $24.95 to $346.95 depending on the length that you need and the type.


If you require screening that is durable and strong then you should go for the copper-bronze screening. It’s generally more expensive and the price ranges from $160 to $800 approximately; depending on the length that you require.

Pet screening

If you have pets in your home that scratch at the screen or your children like to batter the screen, then the pet screen should be your first choice. It is a heavy duty screen and is much stronger and heavier than the normal screening. It can also stretch without sagging. Its price ranges from $25.95 to $206.95 depending on the size that you require.

Where to buy window screens

Depending on where your location is, you can purchase window screens from Sears, Home Depot, Menards or other hardware stores that are available in your area. You can also browse online for companies that sell window screens.

Are there companies that do window screen replacement?

There are currently a number of companies that provide services for window screen replacement. Most companies that sell window screens offer these services. When you shop for your window screens, ask the company whether they can do the window screen replacement for you.

How to replace a window screen

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