Windshield Replacement Cost

Windshields play a vital role in automobiles, although most car owners are unaware of this. They act as structural shield for the roofs of automobiles. Additionally, windshields will shield passengers or drivers from wind and other elements. Due to their important tasks, they should be well maintained and there shouldn't be room for error. A vehicle's windshield is among the most breakable parts of a vehicle. Damaged windshields will require to be taken in for replacement. Car owners spend millions of dollars in replacing windshields every year. In U.S alone, it is estimated that about 11 to 12 million windshields are replaced annually according to statistics.

In today's fast pace society, roads and highways are used by tens of thousands of travelers every single day and for this, there is need for car owners to be cautious when driving due to the increased number of vehicles to extend the longevity of their windshields. There are numerous causes of cracked and broken windshields. Some incidents such as minor or fatal accidents can damage a windshield. Even a chip of gravel could crack your windshield when driving at a higher speed rate. Vandalism can cause cracking or breaking of a windscreen. In some cases, it may be due to weather related issues like extreme cold or hot weather conditions.

windshield replacement costAlthough windshields are manufactured from toughened glasses, they are susceptible to cracks and break and so they require replacement once they do so. To seek for auto windshield replacement isn't just a cosmetic move. One is legally required in certain states to keep their windshield in good condition failure to which they could face stiff penalties.

Cost associated to replacement of windshield:
Windshield replacement is something that we will have to deal with at some point. Even a simple rock hitting can result in a chip. Sadly, this could cost you between $ 300 to $1000 depending on the make of your truck and the variety of windshield selected. Windshield replacement cost is higher given the economic situations these days where one has to carefully budget for his finances due to increased expenses.

Windshield replacement cost is obviously higher than that of repair although it depends on numerous factors such as the company or the dealer you intend to take your car to, the type of your vehicle and so on. Bringing your car or truck to be replaced is usually less expensive rather than using mobile services. Other insurance policies don't entirely cover this and you will require paying an insurance deductable first. It is essential to confirm with your insurance company to get some idea on the kind of coverage they provide and if they will allow you go for a company or dealer of your choice.

In states like Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky and Massachusetts, residents enjoy free windshield replacement thanks to favorable statutes. In Florida for instance, laws govern the use of windshield in that state. These windshields are subject to statutes. The laws do state which track to be excluded or include within the windshield requirements. Florida law states that windshields of vehicles travelling on public highway or roads are constrained from having sunscreen materials covering them although it does allow sun strip to be placed on windshields as long as it is transparent and provide a clear view to the driver.

In South Carolina windshield replacement regulations there are specific rules for auto safety glass. South Carolina residents who have full auto insurance coverage benefit from free windshield replacement. Generally, South Carolina state law stipulates that it is a requirement for all auto glass to be clear and free of damage. This state is among the few zero deductable states. If your windshield is cracked or broken and you have full insurance coverage, it is can be replaced without a deductable.

Residents of Kentucky also enjoy windshield replace free of cost. The states has laws that allow car owners with qualified insurance and windshield damages access windshield replacement at no cost meaning no deductable is paid. A car owner is required to have KY comprehensive coverage on his vehicle. If you have Kentucky based insurance, KY rules states that your insurance will waive the deductible for your replacement which shows no out of pocket expense.

How to install a new windshield

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